Hi, my name is Raychel! If you’ve found this site and clicked onto this page you obviously want to learn more about me. So, this is kind of embarrassing but I’ll try my best.

So as to not disappoint let me tell some facts about me! First, I am a photographer and filmmaker based in New Mexico. I love adventure. Hiking and photographing amazing landscapes, especially when the weather is bad is my muse. And my day job is pretty cool too as I work in political communications. Cool huh?

Raychel Sanner

I’ve always found the beauty of storms and the sky something that is inspiring. Every storm offers a new chance to explore dramatic light and when mixed with the right landscapes, it creates a unique photography opportunity you won’t easily get elsewhere. My photos and films focus on that interplay of the landscape, the weather, and the cultures inhabiting where these two meet.

For almost a decade, I have been known best for my weather photography and videography — and while I still do that my life is so much more these days. I explore New Mexico and hike glorious trails, see beautiful landscapes, and I learn about the varied and beautiful culture here.

In 2018 I moved to New Mexico from Oklahoma after coming out to the world as transgender. That whole year was an absolutely nuts year preparing to come out, doing it, moving to a new state, and starting a new job.

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